EMBOLINER™ Embolic Protection Catheter

The Emboliner™ Embolic Protection Catheter is a truly next-generation approach to embolic protection that makes significant improvements on first-generation solutions.

  • Deployed using an existing procedural access site currently used for the pigtail catheter, so no additional procedural access is required.
  • Reliably covers all cerebral branch vessels with a user-friendly, circumferential design.
  • Captures and removes both cerebral and non-cerebral emboli, providing full-body embolic protection.
  • Allows the introduction of smaller procedural devices, such as a diagnostic pigtail catheter, through the integrated 6-Fr lumen of the Emboliner catheter.
  • Provides a pathway through the expandable access port of the Emboliner filter for larger procedural devices (e.g., TAVR delivery systems), which are deployed via their normal access site.
  • Maintains active control of the filter, providing peri-procedural repositioning.
  • Provides exceptional ease of use, with minimal additional procedural time or fluoro time.


Emboline will begin human clinical studies in 2018.


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