The Emboliner® Embolic Protection Catheter is a truly next-generation approach to embolic protection. The cylindrical nitinol mesh filter circumferentially conforms to a wide range of patient anatomies while the expandable access port accommodates a wide range of procedural devices.

  • Simple, rapid deployment and retrieval.
  • Utilizes an existing access site. The Emboliner shares the transfemoral access site used for the pigtail catheter, so no additional access or closure is required.
  • Protects all cerebral branch vessels. Unlike partial protection devices, Emboliner protects all cerebral branch vessels.
  • Protects other critical organs. The downstream filter end captures emboli flowing towards the kidneys, abdomen and lower body, providing full-body embolic protection.
  • Removes emboli from the patient. Unlike deflector-type devices, Emboliner captures and removes procedural emboli.
  • Accommodates large valve delivery systems. Emboliner’s expandable access port passes both small and large procedural devices (e.g., self-expanding and balloon-expanding TAVR delivery systems).

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